Friendly computer troubleshooting and training in your home or office.

I’ve been helping small businesses and personal users with their technology for years. With my one-on-one concierge-minded service, they can stop worrying about their technology obstacles and get back to doing what they do best. I call my business what my clients call me, The Computer Maven, and I help my clients gain control of their technology so they can return to – or gain greater – productivity. I love solving tech issues and have over two decades of computer and mobile technology experience. I’ve been told I have a reassuring, friendly and respectful style. Addressing technology issues on your own can be daunting; working with me takes the angst out of your tech.

Services provided include:

  • Virus and spyware removal
  • Computer backups (local and online)
  • Network setup and maintenance
  • Mobile device assistance
  • E-mail, contacts and calendar setup, maintenance, syncing
  • Personal finance assistance (Quicken, QuickBooks, online banking)
  • Software installation and training
  • Photo enhancement, organization
  • Scanning
  • Computer upgrades
  • Hand-holding

What a few of my clients say...

                 Dr. Dan Gottlieb

                 Dr. Dan Gottlieb

“Nancy has been helping me with my technology issues for many years. I jokingly referred to her as my "computer goddess" but perhaps that's only half a joke. After all, not only is she terribly knowledgeable, she is reliable, responsible and has clear priorities. When I run into a problem that feels urgent, she is usually available right away. I feel quite cared for and I know all of her clients feel the same. Nancy is really invaluable to me.”

    Sharla Feldscher, President Sharla Feldscher Public Relations

    Sharla Feldscher, President
Sharla Feldscher Public Relations



"I can’t imagine running my business without Nancy! Actually, with our computers at home as well. What I love best about Nancy is that she ALWAYS solves our problems and she makes herself available any time of the day! She is the most patient person and doesn’t mind teaching at all. I recommend Nancy – the Computer Maven – to everyone I know!”



                     Joe Cafiso Laken, Kramer, Cafiso & Pearson

                     Joe Cafiso
Laken, Kramer, Cafiso & Pearson

"Nancy has been our IT guru for the past 10 years, and we are very happy with her service and responsiveness. Her knowledge of systems integration and troubleshooting ability for both hardware and software issues is always “spot on” and results-oriented. Resolutions are quick and efficient, minimizing system downtime. She takes a personal approach to our needs and will address issues when it’s least intrusive or disruptive to office workflow. We all use Nancy for our home computing needs as well."



"After buying my first computer several years ago, I engaged Nancy, aka "The Computer Maven," to teach me how to become computer literate. I did not even know how to turn the computer on. Nancy introduced me to a whole new world. She was patient, understanding, knowledgeable, highly professional and competent. Since then, Nancy has been my "go to" computer maven, helping me with a myriad of computer-related problems. She has always been available when I needed her for help, most recently this month, and continues to show the same patience, understanding, professionalism and competence as she did when I was a neophyte. I would enthusiastically recommend Nancy for any computer-related problems. She is indeed The Computer Maven!"   Rob Ross